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📆 Start ICO December 7th
💲 Hard Cap $135 million
‼️ Funds Raised up to now $14+ million
⚪️ Total tokens 500,000,000 TIO
🔘 Tokens to be sold 55%
💵 Purchase methods ETH (BTC & Fiat over $100k)
Unsold Tokens will be burned will be a trading and financing platform for more than just crypto assets – yes these will of course be included! It will also offer Forex and CFDs over precious metals, oil, commodities, indices, global equities, to name just a few. Offering more than 120 products at launch, will have the capacity to trade any number of assets. claims that it will disrupt the establishment and revolutionise trading. That is a truly bold claim, one that will indeed benefit traders greatly all over the world.
Going over’s whitepaper, it is clear that they have set their sights on the decades-long established forex trading industry. Among the points in need of addressing are the lack of liquidity, total lack of transparency, centralised control in regards to prices as well as in regards to profit. Furthermore, it is pointed out that brokers are not always on their trades’ side. Common sense dictates that is right in regards to these claims. plans to utilize the technology to offer transparency into the market. All transactions will be recorded on the network’s blockchain ledger with everyone being able to monitor transactions. Spreads will be given in advance and accurately as well as broker fees and profit will be clearly indicated – published to all members. has released its own crypto-currency, the Trade Token or TIO. The token will be utilized within the platform and will yield the maximum profit whilst trading - based on’s claims. The token itself, is regarded to be a utility token rather than a security one.
It was mentioned earlier that one of the issues facing the current establishment, is that of law liquidity. plans to solve this, by introducing their revolutionary Liquidity Pool. The plan is that 50% of all of the proceeds will be making, will end up within this pool.
To break where from these proceeds are coming from:
As mentioned previously, all of the revenue streams detailed above are then collected with 50% of this amount going into the liquidity pool.
In order for platform members to participate in the liquidity pool, they must commit a minimum of 2500 Trade Tokens as a membership fee. Assets placed and locked for use by the liquidity pool by the participants, might include alternative currencies such as bitcoins or altcoins and even fiat currency. Upon placing Trade Tokens into the liquidity pool, they will immediately be converted into USD, and will remain in USD until such time that the participant exits the liquidity pool.
Participants will then receive their daily payment in proportion to each user’s total contribution to the pool. Daily payments will be predicated on the liquidity pool revenues meeting high water marks. For example, if on Day 1 the liquidity pool achieves a profit of $100, and on Day 2 it incurs a loss of $50, in order for profits to be paid out on future days, the $50 that is lost needs to be recouped.
Above the minimum participation amount of 2500 Trade Tokens which acts as a key to access the liquidity pool and its benefits, additional funds contributed to the pool will be allowed also in other cryptocurrencies as well as in fiat currency.
A Graduated Plan will be used when it comes to the daily rewards paid to participants and proportional to each participant’s total contribution in either Trade Token, other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency.
The higher the amount of the participation is, the higher the percentage share in the rewards will be, with 2500 Trade Tokens being the minimum number of Trade Tokens that can unlock the deposit in USD (in any currency or token) up to $2,500 which is locked for full / maximum % of rewards (anything over and above 25000 Trade Tokens carries an additional 10% as a bonus).
Moving past the features and functionality of the platform, has established these Pre-Set targets: also aims to meet strong regulatory requirements, by getting the necessary licences/authorizations for:
The team behind seems to be quite numerous and fully qualified to meet all challenges with some high profile members and investors included.
Early platform adopters are also present with FX PRIMUS being the biggest name here – a highly rated broker with more than 9 years of multi-awarder history.
As far as ICO is concerned, keep in mind that it’s currently on, with the following dates being important as they affect token pricing:
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